Jimmy Kimmel fired back at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on social media over her claim that she reported one of his jokes to Capitol Police. Greene took issue with a joke Kimmel made on the April 5 episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” During his monologue, Kimmel evoked Will Smith in joking about wanting someone to slap Greene over her thoughts on the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“This woman, Klan mom, is especially upset with the three Republican senators who said they’ll vote yes on Ketanji Brown Jackson, who’s nominated for the Supreme Court,” Kimmel said, referring to Greene. “She tweeted, ‘Murkowski, Collins and Romney are pro-pedophile. They just voted for KBJ.’ Wow, where is Will Smith when you really need him?”

Greene called Kimmel’s joke a “threat of violence against me” in a Twitter post. The Georgia Republican told ABC she had filed a report over the joke to Capitol Police. Kimmel responded by mocking Greene, writing, “Officer? I would like to report a joke.”

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings have prompted several Hollywood figures to condemn Republicans for their views on the matter. Ron Perlman went viral after calling Ted Cruz a “big prick” for his questioning of Brown in late March. Cruz asked Jackson about her role as a board member of the Georgetown Day School, where books such as Ibram X. Kendi’s “Antiracist Baby” are taught. Cruz used the book to question Jackson on whether or not she believes “babies are racist.”

“Hi Ted, Ron here,” Perlman said in a video responding to Cruz. “Listen, I know how tempting it is to appeal to the real lowest form of humanity here in the United States, the bottom feeders…but Jesus Christ Ted, for somebody with a really, really small dick, you get to be a bigger prick every fucking day. Go fuck yourself.”

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