Amazon’s superhero series “The Boys” got a little more super(natural) in its Season 3 debut on Friday with the introduction of Jensen Ackles to the cast in the role of Soldier Boy. His arrival on the series marked a reunion for Ackles and “The Boys” showrunner Eric Kripke, as Kripke is also the creator of The CW’s “Supernatural,” which starred Ackles and Jared Padalecki as brothers Dean and Sam Winchester throughout its 15-season run.

So now that Ackles has made his way from one Kripke show to another, is there any chance we’ll see his on-screen brother drop by for a cameo either in the currently airing third season or the yet-to-be-picked-up-but-definitely-a-safe-bet Season 4?

“I would love a Jared cameo! He’s always welcome on the show,” Kripke told Variety. “Up to now, the guy is on a network show that has however many episodes — like, a lot more than eight. So he’s working all year and now he’s producing his spinoff and he’s got a whole empire going on over there. He’s been a busy man. And it’s been hard to even figure out any time that he’s free. But if he was free and found himself currently unemployed, I would put him on ‘The Boys’ in a heartbeat.”

Ackles is just as game as Kripke, and just like Kripke, notes that his longtime friend and former co-star is still pretty busy at The CW. Currently, Padalecki is starring on the network’s “Walker” and executive producing its prequel series, “Walker: Independence.”

“As I think we all know, Jared’s pretty busy starring in his own show, producing a spinoff of that show,” Ackles said. “He’s certainly got his hands full.”

Ackles also has a lot on his plate, with his part on “The Boys” Season 3, as well as an upcoming series regular role on ABC’s “Big Sky.” He’s also executive producing The CW’s “Supernatural” prequel series, “The Winchesters.” (Yes, neither Padalecki nor Ackles can escape the power of The CW.)

“He and I laugh,” Ackles said. “We were just talking about the fact that we thought after ‘Supernatural,’ things would be smooth sailing and we would just be sitting back with umbrella drinks. And it has proved to be the complete opposite of that. He and I thought we would be on a beach with our toes in the sand, and instead we’re both IndyCar racers just kind of gripping the steering wheel for dear life.”

While there won’t be a Padalecki cameo on “The Boys” for the foreseeable future, Kripke promises he and his team have found a few ways to work “Supernatural” nods into Ackles’ time on screen.

“There’s little ‘Supernatural’ Easter eggs in a bunch of Jensen’s scenes,” Kripke said. “When you think of the amount of people on this show on the creative team who come from ‘Supernatural’ — me, [executive producer and director] Phil Sgriccia, Jensen, [composer] Christopher Lennertz, we sort of couldn’t help but drop some stuff in because that show was such a huge part of our lives. We couldn’t resist just a few things here and there. Small things, but enough that the fans will see a little wink from us of what we’re doing.”