Fox Corp. is expanding its efforts to track viewers who might toggle between its Tubi video-streaming hub and its mainstream broadcast outlet.

The media company has struck a multi-year deal with Innovid that will utilize the ad-tech and measurement firm’s technology to push Fox’s efforts to find new ways to gauge the performance of commercials placed on its media properties, no matter the venue.

“As more viewers engage with content across multiple screens, it remains vital that we continue to work with our ad partners and provide them with the necessary data and insights that further display the value of converged TV and the engaged audiences and concentrated impact FOX delivers,” said Dan Callahan, senior vice president of data strategy and sales innovation at Fox, in a prepared statement. “Our partnership with Innovid is another step forward in expanding and delivering cross-platform measurement solutions that further align with our advertisers’ objectives.”

Fox is one of several traditional media conglomerates that have worked to expand the types of audience measurement they provide advertisers. While Fox and others continue to work with Nielsen, arguably the best-known player in the audience-measurement sector, they are broadening options as consumers establish new kinds of behaviors the networks believe need to be monitored quickly.

Fox and Innovid started working together last year, establishing a partnership that centered around Tubi, Fox’s ad-supported streaming service.

Innovid plans to provide a look at audiences across screens that winnows out duplicated views and offers insights that will help advertisers decide how often to run ads and the content that draws its most likely customers. Citing research, Fox says that on average, eight out of ten Tubi households have proven to be unreachable by linear.

“Tubi and Fox have a shared vision to create the optimal environment for advertisers to efficiently reach the right audiences across multiple platforms and screens,” says Tyler Fitch, senior vice presiden of advanced TV and partnerships for Tubi, in a statement.