Fox Business plans to launch a new daytime roundtable program called “The Big Money Show,” a nod to the success the format has has across the holdings of Fox News Media.

Taylor Riggs, who has been with Bloomberg for more nine years as an editor, reporter and anchor, will join the Fox Corp.-backed cable-news outlet to co-host “The Big Money Show” alongside Brian Brenberg and Jackie DeAngelis between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Fox Business will also launch on the same date a new 6 p.m. program called “The Bottom Line” that will feature the duo of Dagen McDowell, a longtime Fox Business reporter, and Sean Duffy, the former Republican congressman from Wisconsin.

“Fox Business has become the channel America turns to for their business news and we’re excited to debut new programming tailored to key financial issues impacting homes across the county,” said Lauren Petterson, the network’s president, in a statement (above, pictured. “We are also thrilled to welcome Taylor Riggs to the FOX Business family, who, along with Brian, Jackie, Dagen and Sean, will add a new dimension to our formidable programming lineup.”

Petterson signaled to Variety in October that Fox Business was mulling the debut of some roundtable programs on its schedule, noting that the format brought some on-air energy to TV. ““We have had a ton of success on Fox News side with shows like ‘Outnumbered’ and ‘The Five,’” she said, adding: “We want to try and take that format and replicate it on the Fox Business Network, but adding in a heavy dose of business news.”

As a result of the new programs, Fox Business will move “The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald” to 5 p.m., while trimming an hour of “Cavuto Coast to Coast,” which will air at noon.

Roundtables have proven popular across Fox News, as the format allows for the company to give more screen time to various staffers and develop some who may be able to hold their own solo. The roundtable is at the heart of show ranging from “The Five” and “Outnumbered” to “The Big Saturday Show” and “Gutfeld!”

“The Bottom Line” will also be fueled by discussion and debate, with McDowell and Duffy examining money and politics.