Filming for the fourth season of the Sky Original series “Das Boot” wrapped in Malta last week, and the first look images have been released. NBCUniversal Global Distribution is handling international sales of the series, which is produced by Bavaria Fiction, on behalf of Sky Studios.

In Season 4, which is coming to Sky’s premium channel Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW next year, the brutal submarine war in the Mediterranean Sea comes to a head, while intrigues and secrets spread through Berlin. Resistance to the Nazis grows within the Kriegsmarine’s own ranks.

Rick Okon as Klaus Hoffmann, Sascha Gersak as Rahn, Jakub Horak as Bischof Courtesy of Stanislav Honzik, Bavaria Fiction, Sky Deutschland

After a shared tragedy, the siblings Klaus (Rick Okon) and Hannie Hoffmann (Rosalie Thomass) find their way back to each other. Both fight for their cause. Klaus has returned to the German Reich from Portugal. As a submarine commander he travels to Naples on a secret mission to change the course of the war. Hannie wants to help the many orphans who have become victims of the war and uncovers infamous machinations of the Nazi Reich.

Previous cast members Okon (“Tatort”), Franz Dinda (“The Physician”), Florian Panzner (“Dark”), Anna Schudt (“The Sniffles Would Have Been Just Fine”), Pierre Kiwitt (“Lobos sucios”), Johann von Bülow (“Furia”), Rainer Bock (“Better Call Saul”) and Ernst Stötzner (“Brecht”) are joined by Thomass (“The Kangaroo Chronicles”), Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht (“Enfant Terrible”), Lara Mandoki (“Leberkäsjunkie”), Stefan Murr (“The Ibiza Affair”), Marco Leonardi (“Cinema Paradiso”), Steffan Rhodri (“Temple”), Benjamin Dilloway (“Dune“), Joshua Collins (“What’s Love Got to Do With It?”) and Sascha Geršak (“Gladbeck”).

Rosalie Thomass as Hannie Lessing, Rainer Bock as Heinrich Gluck Courtesy of Stanislav Honzik/Bavaria Fiction/Sky Deutschland

The director of the six episodes is Dennis Gansel (“The Wave,” “Mechanic – Resurrection”), and the director of photography is Carlo Jelavic (“Blood Red Sky”). Filming took place in Prague and Malta. The languages spoken are German, English and Italian. The new season is scripted by head writers Colin Teevan and Tony Saint, and staff writer Judith Angerbauer.

Frank Jastfelder, director development Sky Studios, said: “The story of ‘Das Boot’ continues and this time shifts its settings to Berlin and Italy. In addition to the dramatic escalation of the Second World War, the involvement of the Catholic Church with the Nazi regime is also highlighted, as is the resistance at home by Klaus Hoffmann, among others.”

Rosalie Thomass as Hannie Lessing; Johann von Buelow as Gustav Gruber; Anna Schudt as Bettina Gruber Courtesy of Stanislav Honzik/Bavaria Fiction/Sky Deutschland

He added: “Especially in the current political climate, ‘Das Boot’ is a statement against the senselessness of war.”

Marcus Ammon, managing director content at Bavaria Fiction, said: “An anti-war series like ‘Das Boot’ has a special significance in this day and age. The terrible effects of war become glaringly visible though our gripping storylines and multi-layered characters. War knows no winners – that has not changed to this day.”

Petra Albert, who was awarded with the German TV Award earlier this month, is the set designer. Executive producers are Ammon, Jan S. Kaiser, Fabian Wolfart and Nina Maag from Bavaria Fiction, along with Sky Deutschland’s Nils Hartmann and Jastfelder, and Sky Studios’ Jason Simms. Julia Jaensch (Sky), Caroline Fischer and Judith Niemeyer (Bavaria Fiction) act as producers, and Sebastian Rybing as line producer.