Endeavor Content is undergoing a rebrand in a move to distinguish itself from its former parent company that shares its Endeavor moniker.

On Wednesday, Endeavor Content, the production company behind “Severance,” “Cha Cha Real Smooth” and “The Lost Daughter,” officially changed its named to Fifth Season.

Per the CJ ENM-owned company, “The name Fifth Season comes from Eastern medicine, which recognizes a fifth season, a celebratory time of harvest in late summer. The company’s new logo is a mosaic of glyphs, with each glyph embodying a unique quality or facet of the company’s ecosystem and its beliefs and ideals. The combination of these glyphs reflects how Fifth Season believes its value is made by the sum of its many creative relationships and partnerships and that its principles are a key part of its identity. The index of glyphs will continue to evolve with the company as it expands its partnerships, geographies, businesses and culture.”

“It really is east meets west and also, I think, wearing your virtues on your sleeve around feminism and anti-racism,” Fifth Season co-CEO Graham Taylor told Variety. “Really trying to build a name that is not specific to one country or one region, but also with the glyphs, to build a really inclusive environment. We often say that a table that doesn’t have a chair for everyone is probably a table not worth sitting at. So it’s about trying to really own and build and evolve the glyphs, whether through business trends that change or culture trends change, or we go into a new partnership and they want to have a glyph and we insert their glyph into the name. Chris and I have always been comfortable with the radical shift and speed of change in the business, so we wanted a name that could shift and build and move. And hopefully it’s a name that denotes we mean to stay humble, stay hungry and always be listening and learning.”

Run by Taylor and co-CEO Chris Rice, Fifth Season was founded as Endeavor Content in 2017 with production, sales and distribution assets within Endeavor, WME and IMG. Earlier this year, Endeavor Content was spun out of Endeavor, which still has a 20% stake in the company, which is valued at approximately $1 billion. Korean media giant CJ purchased an 80% stake in the company.

With 30 series and films produced by Fifth Season under its Endeavor Content label per year, and more than $1 billion in projects coming from the company over the coming calendar year, Rice says Fifth Season plans to see growth across both the film and TV studios to double within the next five years.

“And on the distribution side, there is scope well beyond that,” Rice said, adding: “There are not many companies that have been able to combine the global approach to making content with high-end talent, movie stars and movie directors, and manage both elements. And I think a lot of the distribution that we see is still output deals, is still huge volume, and those output deals are starting to disappear — but the volume isn’t. Most other distributors in the market, they’re just getting bigger and bigger in terms of volume. We’re going in a different direction, which is a large quantity of premium, best-in-category shows. We don’t want to be 100,000 hours of content because then you’re just managing flow of bits, a seller can’t have an emotional attachment to 100,000 pieces of content. Every show we release is bespoke, it has its own strategy, it has its own approach.”

Most recently, Fifth Season produced Michael Bay’s “Ambulance” and Destin Daniel Cretton’s “Just Mercy,” as well as TV series “Truth Be Told,” “Wolf Like Me,” “Life & Beth,” “Nine Perfect Strangers,” “McCartney 3,2,1,” “Tokyo Vice” and “Scenes From a Marriage.” The company also handles global distribution for dozens of series outside of its own studio productions, including “Killing Eve,” “The Morning Show,” “Normal People” and “The Night Manager.”

Upcoming Fifth Season titles include the second season of “Severance,” the final season of “See,” “80 for Brady,” “Book Club 2: The Next Chapter,” “Lady in the Lake” and “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.”

See the Fifth Season logo below.

Fifth Season Fifth Season