‘Cosmic Love’ Executive Producer on Zodiac Matchmaking: ‘Astrology Is a Guide, Not a Rule’

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Cosmic Love” is not only determining if love is in the air, but also if it’s written in the stars. 

The new reality dating show that bows Aug. 12 on Amazon Prime Video follows four individuals who each represent one of the four astrological elements: fire, water, earth and air. Each element is paired with those who are most compatible with their zodiac signs, where they must then mingle, date and eliminate these matches. 

“Astrology is really having this moment,” Michael Rourke, co-creator and executive producer of “Cosmic Love,” told Variety. “Young people not only check their zodiac regularly and believe it’s scientific, but they make big life decisions based on their astrological guidance. So it just felt like a really good mash up to go into the dating format business with astrological guidance.” 

In “Cosmic Love’s” debut season, the four elements are Maria Rodriguez (Capricorn, Earth Element), Phoebe Davis (Leo, Fire Element), Connor Shennan (Gemini, Air Element) and Noel Allen (Pisces, Water Element). Through the guidance of the Astro Chamber, a luminous orb that shares the advice of astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut (also known as The AstroTwins), the lead contestants search for their potential soulmate solely based on their astrological birth charts. 

“[The AstroTwins] were really instrumental — once we cast the show — [in] helping us find the astrological matches within the pool of people that we cast,” said Rourke, who is an Aquarius. “They were able to do these composite charts and find out the best way to match Maria or the best way to match Noel,” he continued. 

As the four leads interact with 16 fellow singles on a romantic retreat — with possible proposals and even wedding ceremonies along the way — the 10-episode first season of “Cosmic Love” will reveal how effective astrology can be in finding one’s perfect match. 

“I learned that astrology is a guide, not a rule,” Rourke explained. “Especially when it comes to matching people through astrology, there’s a lot of different ways to go about looking at how it’s done.” 

The “Cosmic Love” executive producer also believes that, while astrology does “provide a blueprint” and is a “great guide, [you] have to make your own choices.” “At the end of the day, human nature is pretty strong and free will is pretty strong,” Rourke added. 

“Cosmic Love” is produced by Rourke’s Hudsun Media with Amazon Studios.