Newly formed Los Angeles and London-based distribution company Cartel Studios International is making its MipTV debut with a slate of 18 titles spanning mystery dramas, thrillers and romantic comedies.

The outfit, led by Gary Marenzi, Giovanni Pedde and Stephen Tague, was launched in 2021 by prolific genre producer Cartel Pictures whose credits include “Creepshow” and “Unborn.”

Highlights of the MipTV slate include “Deadly Infidelity” (A&E Lifetime), “Dangerous Snow Day” (Lifetime Movie Network), “Deadly Girls Night Out” (Lifetime Movie Network), “Cheating for your Life” (A&E Lifetime), “Crushed” (Tubi) and “Romeo & Juliet Killers” (Tubi).

Marenzi said: “There continues to be a growing appetite for top quality produced movies for streaming and broadcast audiences. We’re looking forward to presenting this accessible portfolio of original programming to international buyers in-person at MipTV.”

Stan Spry, co-CEO, Cartel Pictures, added: “In addition to this current offering, we have a growing pipeline of premiere programming that will be available for the global market as we continue to invest more in original content. Our production business has grown exponentially and in looking ahead we’re slated to deliver more than 40 titles across films and series this year, which we’re excited for our distribution division to discuss directly with international clients.”

Cartel Studios International will be available on-site and online at MipTV, which runs Apr. 4-6 at Cannes. Russian companies are unlikely to attend as organizer Reed Expositions will follow “government sanctions and policies in each territory where (it) operates.”

“RX stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, particularly with our employees around the world who have family and friends in the Ukraine,” said Reed Expositions. “We also stand in solidarity with our Russian employees working in challenging conditions.”