Are You the One?” is headed to Paramount Plus. The MTV Entertainment Studios reality show, which aired eight seasons on MTV, is officially making the move with a new global edition, set to begin casting in the spring and start production in the summer.

For the dating competition, 22 recently single men and women from around the globe will be put through an “extensive matchmaking process” to find their perfect match. These singles will then live together under one roof at an international location with a shared goal of finding “The One.”

Each week, the singles will have a chance to identify all 11 perfect matches. If they do so, they win a massive cash prize. (During the past eight seasons, only one group has failed to find all perfect matches over the entire experiment, going home with $0.)

The series previously had spinoffs in United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands.

During Season 8, which aired in June 2019, the series became the first sexually fluid reality dating competition show. Instead of pairing 10 men and 10 women in heterosexual couples via an algorithm, 20 singles looked for their “perfect match” while discovering their sexual and gender identity.

It has not yet been revealed whether the new season will follow suit.

In February, Paramount Plus announced a slate of unscripted series, including  “Ink Master,” which formerly aired on Paramount Network; “All Star Show,” a competition docu-series featuring reality stars from various shows; and additional seasons of “The Challenge: All Stars” and “The Real World Homecoming.”