One of last summer’s surprise news stories was an alleged confrontation that took place between Larry David and lawyer Alan Dershowitz. A source told Page Six that the two men fought at a convenience store on Martha’s Vineyard. David allegedly called Dershowtiz “disgusting” to his face. Dershowitz, who was a member of Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein’s defense teams at various points in his career, finally confirmed the fight in a new interview with The New Yorker.

“He did, yeah,” Dershowtiz said when asked if was true that Larry David “chewed him out.” “What happened is — it’s interesting because I was having lunch with a very radical lawyer who loves me. I mean, he disagrees with me. We argue all the time. … So I was having lunch with him and then a number of other people were there. Suddenly, Larry David walks in to buy some groceries. I say, ‘Hey. Hi, Larry,’ and he turns away, and he just walks away. I say, ‘Larry, can’t we at least talk?’ He said, ‘No. You’re disgusting.'”

“He called me disgusting, and he said he could never talk to me,” Dershowitz said. “Here’s a guy who used to come to our house to work out in the gym. He would come to our house for dinner two or three times a summer.”

Dershowitz also confirmed a rumor from the original Page Six report that claimed David’s issue with Dershowitz was that he patted Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo on the back.

“It’s true. I did,” Dershowitz said. “Here’s the story. It was the Abraham Accords, or the movement toward peace in Israel under the Trump Administration, which I played a central role in … they were celebrating that at the White House. … They sat me right in back of Mike Pompeo, who had been my former student at Harvard Law School. Trump made a very bad joke, and people laughed. I didn’t laugh. I thought it was a bad joke. My wife laughed. I didn’t laugh. I patted him on the back, and I said, ‘Mike, this, too, will pass. You’ll be remembered for what you did in the Middle East.’ That was it. That was the entire encounter. I don’t know Mike Pompeo.”

Variety has reached out to David’s representative for further comment.