Spain’s Marc Clotet (“The Sleeping Voice,” “15 Hours”) and Argentina’s Juan Gil Navarro (“100 Days To Fall in Love”), Santiago Achaga (“Like, La Leyenda”) and Esteban Pérez (“Limbo”) are attached to star in “Fragile,” a slice of Patagonia noir thriller from Argentina’s StoryLab

Created and produced by StoryLab partners Nacho Viale and Diego Palacio, “Fragile” is backed by Flow, Telecom’s dominate Argentine SVOD service, and Televisión Publica Argentina, the country’s public broadcast network. 

Palacio will direct “Fragile” (“Fragiles”) from screenplays penned by Lucas Molteni, whose has written on five StoryLab series dating back to 201’s “Estocolmo,” up-and-coming scribes Juan E. Cordoni and Luciano Cocciardi and Viale and Palacio. 

The eight part series will be presented on Sept. 28 at the Iberseries & Platino Industria Forum, where Palacio and Viale will be looking for partners in Spain. 

That goes with the story. In it, Olivia, 28, the assistant of a powerful public prosecutor in Spain, flies back to her native village lost in the wilds of Patagonia, to investigate a murder. What looks like a cut-and-dried case leads her to ally with Román, born and raised in a seemingly pacific local community which hides a terrifying past of dark crimes and committed in 1999 by a sect which awaited an Apocalypse.  The truth behind the murders will unite Olivia and Román forever.

Currently in soft pre-production, “Fragile” is currently confirming locations and cast, where StoryLab is looking, for example, for two Spanish female talents.

“People explore the relations between Spain and Argentina because we have always bonded. In fact, Argentina’s current Argentine society has strong roots in Spanish customs,” Palacio and Viale told Variety.

“Naturally, entertainment reflects that connection and we are passionate about reflecting it. Outstanding collaborations between talents from both countries have left a mark on the Ibero-American film and television industry,” they added, citing  This collaborative spirit between the two countries has already the “wonderful experience “of working with Marc Clotet and Natalia Sánchez on our latest Argentine series “Ultimo Primer Día.”

Bowing on Flow on April 21, “Ültimo Primer Día,” a crime mystery set at an elite high school, marks with reality series “C0d3rs Championship” the latest series from StoryLab, a company founded by Viale and Palacio in 2013 which has always looked behind its borders. 

Backing “Paulina,” a 2015 Cannes Critics’ Week winner from “1985” director Santiago Mitre,  StoryLab leapt onto the international radar in November 2016 when Netflix released “Estocolmo,” acquired from Storylab, and the U.S. streaming giant’s first Argentine series as it began to push local productions in Mexico (“Club de Cuervos”) and Brazil (“3%,” released the same month).

With a strong line in crime dramas, one of the most exportable of TV genres, “Storylab” scored its first Intl. Emmy nomination with “La Casa del Mar,” another pioneering premium TV series in Argentina, scored a second Intl. Emmy Award nomination with “Mil Manos por Argentina,” its first docu-reality, and produced “Submerso,” its first series part shot in Brazil. 

Backed by Flow, with which StoryLab has a long-standing relation, 2021’s “Post Mortem” became Argentina’ first new post-COVID 19 series, topping ratings on Flow in October 2021. 

Fragile Courtesy of Story Lab