In the run up to MipTV, TF1 Group has acquired a trio of premium original French series, “I Killed My Husband,” “Marion” and “Elle’s Kitchen” for second-window rights from Paris-based TV sales banner Have A Good One (HAGO).”

“I Killed My Husband,” which is produced by Henri Debeurme’s Next Episode with HAGO, stars Erika Sainte (“Les Rivières Pourpres”) as a woman who’s been wrongly accused of murdering her husband. The series premiered on 13eme RUE in November and played at La Rochelle Fiction Festival.

“Marion,” which was co-produced by Mathieu Ageron at Nolita and Jacques Kluger at Darklight, is
based on the best-selling Edwige Marion novels written by Danielle Thiéry. The series follows Marion, the newly appointed divisional commissioner of the railway brigade at Gare du Nord who investigates the darkest criminal cases with her own style while raising her adopted daughter.

Set to premiere on 13eme Rue on June 1, the series stars Louise Monot, Gwendolyn Gourvenec, Bertrand Nadler, Jina Djemba and Sarah Pachoud.

Produced by Cinétévé’s Fabienne Servan-Schreiber and Thomas Saignes and 24-25 Films’ Matthias Weber and Thibault Gast, “Elle’s Kitchen” follows Adriana, an inspiring and ambitious young Franco-Senegalese chef whose dream is to obtain a Michelin star for the restaurant she is about to open in Paris. Her project gets derailed when she winds up saddled with Jeff and Angèle Rubens – aspiring mobster siblings who are deep into illegal activities – as unofficial partners.

The show stars Annabelle Lengronne, Mély Bourjac, Vincent Heneine, Malyka Johany and Lucas Englander. It will premiere in the fall on 13eme Rue.

“We have been seduced by the quality and diversity of each series, with their very own universe, and we are thrilled to offer a second window to those great shows, and to partner for the first time with 13th Rue and Have A Good One,” said Stéphane Eveillard, EVP of acquisitions of French drama and unscripted at TF1.

Virginie Boireaux, HAGO’s managing director and partner, said “each series has its own universe, and its own DNA and this diversity made it possible for us to commit and imagine a life of their own for each show.”

“We are very proud that TF1 Group will make it their other home here in France, and look forward to finding other prestigious partners internationally,” added Boireaux.