REinvent International Sales has inked a raft of deals across its slate of high-concept series, including “Transport” (pictured) and “Enemy of the People,” rolling off of MipTV.

The company has sold both “Transport,” which is penned by Auli Mantila (“Silver Stars”), and the Icelandic comedy series “Ordinary People” to AMC Networks Southern Europe for Spain and Portugal.

“Transport” is an eight-part TV show following a young journalist investigating a chip found in baby food. She crosses paths with an insurance investigator and a bank manager who are both connected to the case. The series stars Emmi Parviainen (“Shadow Lines”), Maria Heiskanen (“Everlasting Moments”), Pirkko Hämäläinen (“Devil’s Bride”) and Geert van Rampelberg (“De Infiltrant”). Miia Haavisto (“Tom of Finland”) and Tia Talli (“Nurses”) at Tekele are producing “Transport.”

“Ordinary People,” which is produced by Glassriver, follows the ups and downs of a friendship between two young women entering adulthood and dealing with love and work issues. The series is directed and co-written by Fannar Sveinsson (“Venjulegt fólk”). Sveinsson penned the half-hour show with Halldór Halldórsson, Júlíana Sara Gunnarsdóttir and Vala Kristín Eiríksdóttir.

“I’m very pleased to be able to announce all these deals. The market has started out very well for us, buyers are present and active,” said Helene Aurø, the company’s sales and marketing director, adding that she expects more deals in the coming days.

REinvent International Sales has also closed U.S. deals for “Enemy of the People,” “Fatal Injections” and “Freezing Embrace” to MHZ Networks.

A newsroom crime series, “Enemy of the People” is directed by Mikko Kuparinen (“Man in Room 301”) and created by Roope Lehtinen (“White Wall”), Timo Varpio (“Downshifters”) and Laura Suhonen (“Hooked”). The show stars Kreeta Salminen (“Man in Room 301”) as Katja, a news reporter who starts investigating the death of an athlete and must face trolls spreading fake news trying to derail her.

“Fatal Injections” is a Danish thriller set in a hospital ward. The show was created by Christian Vangsgaard and Malthe Koch alongside director Martin Winther. “Fatal Injections” follows a young Norwegian nurse, Ida, who joins the hospital and gets pulled into a dangerous love triangle with another nurse and a doctor.

“Freezing Embrace” is a Finnish crime thriller based on Christian Rönnbacka’s bestselling literary collection. Set in an seemingly idyllic riverside town, the show is directed by Petri Kotwica, who 2008 film “Black Ice” competed at Berlin.