“Bosé,” the highly anticipated Paramount Plus Original, has wrapped production. The announcement comes as Paramount Plus has also confirmed the remainder of the internationally recognised cast of the six-part series, a biopic of Spanish singer-songwriter Miguel Bosé.

Two behind-the-scenes images, shared in exclusivity with Variety, also hint at the production ambitions of the series, one of the biggest Spanish-language series to date at Paramount Plus, which turns on one of the most resonant figures in recent times in Spain. Resonant for his hits, which span a remarkably long six-decade career, and for his life story, which charts Spain’s emergence from more oppressive times to hard-won freedoms in democracy.

Produced by VIS, a division of Paramount, in collaboration with Shine Iberia, part of Banijay Iberia, Pepe Baston’s Elefantec Global and Legacy Rock, “Bosé” will premiere exclusively on the Paramount Plus International streaming service in the coming months, Paramount Plus also confirmed Tuesday.

As already announced, Spain’s Iván Sánchez, star of Telemundo’s Intl. Emmy-nominated “You Cannot Hide,” and up-and-coming Spanish actor José Pastor portray Latin music icon Bosé himself at different stages of his adult life.

Son of two icons of Spain under repressive dictator Francisco Franco: the macho Luis Miguel Dominguín, one of Spain’s most famous bullfighters, and Lucía Bosé, star of Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Story of a Love Affair” and Juan Antonio Bardem’s “Death of  a Cyclist,” few people have known so many people as Miguel Bosé.

“It was a family of strong characters, a bull fighter on one side and on my mother’s, all [the weight] of Italian neorealism. Apart from the hunts, parties, friends, affairs, some of these things rebounded on me as a child, which I had to absorb,” Bosé told Variety.

“Nobody bet that a child of such larger-than-life figures –  Lucía Bosé, the most beautiful woman in the world, and Luis Miguel Dominguín, the most successful and desired of men –  would be able to survive all that,” he added.

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Bose Credit: Paramount Plus

Yet he did. The large co-key cast tells a personal story of the strong bonds – of family and friends – which helped sustain and shape the man and artist, or sometimes left emotional hostages to fortune.

Nacho Fresneda (“The Department of Time”) will play Dominguín, renowned Italian actress Valeria Solarino (“Signorina Effe”) takes on the role of Lucía Bosé, who had a unique and special relationship with her son, Paramount Plus said in a statement.

Alicia Borrachero (“The Spanish Princess”) embodies La Tata Remedios, the remarkable woman who really raised Bosé (while enamouring Picasso), in the frequent absence of his parents.

Ana Torrent (“The Other Boleyn Girl”) portrays Rosario Primo de Rivera, Luis Miguel Dominguín’s last wife; Hugo Fuertes plays Miguel as a small child; Cuban actress Mariela Garriga is Giannina Facio, a Costa Rican actress and producer who had an affair with Miguel Bosé while dating Julio Iglesias, played by Miguel Ángel Muñoz.

Further actors take on roles of figures who have stood by Bosé down the decades: Ana Jara and Débora Izaguirre play Rosa Lagarrigue, Miguel’s manager and friend of 40 years, at different stages of her life.

Gabriel Guevara takes on the role of Nacho Duato, a Spanish choreographer and former ballet dancer who served as the artistic director of the National Dance Company for 20 years and met Miguel at the age of 18. The pair were instantly attracted to one another, lived together in New York in the 1980s, and remain close friends today, said VIS.

Raquel Salamanca portrays Ana Obregón, the famous Spanish actress and TV host whose first boyfriend was Miguel and who remains a great friend with Bosé. Oscar Higares is Domingo Dominguín, Miguel’s favorite uncle.