Norwegian broadcaster NRK has boarded Hummelfilm’s coming-of-age crime drama series “Nowheresville,” one of 10 projects participating in this year’s Berlin Co-Pro Series where producer Marte Hansen and series creator-director Rebecca W. Kjellmann are virtually pitching the series to potential partners, financers and broadcasters.

Development on the project is already well underway, with four finished scripts and outlines for the show’s other four episodes already banked.

“We are currently continuing the writing process, while working on the financing and production set-up for the series,” the partners explained to Variety before pitching in Berlin. “We hope that our participation at Berlinale Co-Pro Series will help us move forward in this regard and are excited to see the outcome of our participation.”

“Nowheresville’” unspools in, well, the middle of nowhere, a windswept village in Finnmark. There, teenager Christina discovers that cats are going missing, with no evidence as to where or why. Eventually, the resourceful youngster finds the body of her neighbor’s cat and recruits friends from around the neighbourhood to investigate.

Quickly though, the perceived danger becomes even greater, and it quickly becomes clear that no pet is safe. To combat scepticism from those they try to convince of the danger, the group produce their own podcast as a means of raising awareness and recruiting community aid in solving the mystery of the disappearing animals.

Meanwhile, Christina’s home life faces challenges of its own, as her mother’s substance abuse threatens to rip the family apart. The seemingly disparate narratives meld as the fellowship of the lost pet investigators grows stronger, and the teenagers learn to rely on one another for support and protection in other areas of their lives.

Co-created by Kjellmann – currently in post-production as conceptual director and screenwriter on NRK’s YA drama “Saving the F—ing Planet” – and recent graduate Caroline B. Arnesen, the series is produced by Oslo’s Hummelfilm, producers of Toronto honorable mention “Phoenix” and Lucia Puenzo’s Cannes Un Certain Regard player “The German Doctor.”

Currently, the production is looking for co-producers, a sales agent and foreign broadcasters.

“We are excited to be pitching at this year’s Berlinale Co-Pro Series, and look forward to the many interesting meetings planned for the coming days,” the presenters said. “We have a great collaboration with NRK, and are now looking forward to securing additional broadcasters and partners for this unique, Nordic coming-of-age crime-dramedy.”