Belgium’s Panenka, producers of recent VRT breakout hit “Two Summers” – which premiered last week to a jaw-dropping 51% market share in its prime-time slot and which will soon be released worldwide by Netflix – will virtually pitch one of their upcoming projects, “This is Not a Murder Mystery,” at Berlin Co-Pro Series.

One of 10 such projects set for this event, Co-Pro Series marks the first public pitch for “TINAMM,” with the creative team looking to the right co-production and distribution partner to help realize their murder mystery series. Panenka producer Kristoffel Mertens hosts the virtual Co-Pro pitch with co-creators Paul Baeten and Christophe Dirickx.

Baeten is a novelist, essayist and TV screenwriter, whose credits include two seasons of the acclaimed drama series “Over Water” and the aforementioned “Two Summers.” Dirickx has written and produced several feature films, including Cannes players “The Misfortunates” from director Felix van Groeningen and Frank Van Passel’s “Manneken Pis.” International Emmy-nominee Hans Herbots (“The Serpent”) and Matthias Lebeer, a winner of two Golden Lions at Cannes for his work on GT Academy Europe, will direct.

Based on an original idea from Dirickx and Lebeer, the series kicks off in the spring of 1936 and follows René Magritte, a young, aspiring surrealist artist who travels to London for the First International Surrealist Exhibition.

There, Magritte and several other promising young talents find lodging at the West Dean Estate belonging to the fabulously wealthy Lord James, a patron of the arts always on the lookout for the next big thing. There, the would-be art superstars can work on their art with little else to worry about.

Or rather, there would be little to worry about if not for the fact that Margritte wakes up next to the dead body of Sheila Legge, a guest at the first night party welcoming the newcomers to the estate. Having blacked out entirely the night before, Margritte must figure out what happened in order to clear, or condemn, his own name.

“The most important steps in terms of financing are finished,” Mertens explained to Variety ahead of the project’s virtual Co-Pro Series pitch on Tuesday. “The commissioning broadcaster in Belgium is VRT plus there is support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

“However, as it’s a high-end drama whodunnit, some financing remains. Our aim is to finish that by the end of the year to be able to start our pre-production early next year and shoot by the Summer of 2023,” he explained with justified confidence.