“Silverton Siege,” an action thriller inspired by the real life incident that sparked the global Free Mandela movement, is being added to Netflix.

The film is directed by noted South African filmmaker Mandla Dube (“Kalushi: The Story of Solomon Mahlangu”) and stars Thabo Rametsi, Noxolo Dlamini and Stefan Erasmus.

Set in 1980, Rametsi, Dlamini and Erasmus portray the Silverton Siege trio – three young freedom fighters with nothing left to lose. Following a high speed car chase with the police after a thwarted sabotage mission, the trio end up seeking refuge in a South African bank in Silverton, Pretoria. Taking the bank and its customers hostage and demanding the release of Nelson Mandela in exchange for release of the prisoners, the stakes and tensions run high.

Dube said: “’Silverton Siege’ is my strongest work thus far, the hope is that filmmakers from Africa are given more opportunities at decolonizing the narrative of who we are. I also hope that the youth of today can draw inspiration from the Silverton Siege trio, and know that they have the power to change the status quo, and most importantly that their stories matter.”

The film also stars South African heavyweight Arnold Vosloo alongside a number of well-known South African talents, including Tumisho Masha, Michelle Mosalakae and Elani Dekker. It is produced by Pambili Media, with Walter Ayres and Dube serving as executive producers.

Dube also directed Netflix series “Jiva!” (2021) and has served as cinematographer on a number of films, shorts and television shows. He was nominated in the best director category at the South African Film and Television Awards for “Kalushi.”

“Silverton Siege” will bow on Apr. 27, South Africa’s Freedom Day.