Australian soap opera “Neighbours” is going off air after 37 seasons.

The embattled series has been under threat of cancellation ever since its primary funder, U.K. broadcaster Channel 5, pulled the plug in early February. On Thursday, the show confirmed that production would indeed end in June.

“Following the loss of our key broadcast partner in the UK and despite an extensive search for alternative funding, we simply have no option but to rest the show,” reads a tweet from the show’s official Twitter account.

“To our amazing, loyal fans, we know this is a huge disappointment, as it is to all of us on the team. We thank you for all your messages and support and promise to end the show on an incredible high. From here on, we are celebrating Neighbours.”

The soap is produced by global production giant Fremantle and was watched by 1.5 million viewers a day in the U.K. but its Australian audience has been on the wane. Although “Neighbours” is produced in Australia, it is largely bankrolled by Paramount-backed Channel 5. Australia’s Network 10, which airs the soap on its 10 Peach channel, is only a part funder.

Fremantle has been searching for another partner for “Neighbours” for a number of months, but it’s proven to be a tricky proposition for broadcasters. A senior executive at one of the big five broadcasters in the U.K. recently told Variety that the show was a “hard sell.”

Sources indicate that cast and crew had to be given a firm end-of-production date in order to plan for their futures after the show. It’s understood that Fremantle is still hopeful the program might return in the future after a resting period.

Channel 5 first began airing “Neighbours” in 2008, and struck a new deal for the program in 2018 that allowed it to air all year round. In the last few years, however, priorities have changed for the channel, which has enjoyed success with new dramas such as “All Creatures Great and Small.” When the show pulled out, it more or less spelled the end for “Neighbours.”

The soap featured several performers who would go on to stardom including Kylie Minogue, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce. (Check out a full list of celebrities who got their start on “Neighbours.”)