NATPE, AnyClip Team on Searchable Content Library From Trade Show Association’s 40-Year Video Archive (EXCLUSIVE)

JP Bommel and Kirk Iwanowski

Finally frustrated in its hope of hosting a conference and trade show in Miami this week, the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) is forging ahead with another service to the content community, revealing Tuesday a new initiative to open its massive video library for content distribution, marketing and monetization.

The initiative is being put through by NATPE and video search and analytics vendor AnyClip, which has boarded as NATPE’s video management partner on the AI-powered library makeover.

NATPE’s predicament will strike a chord in many media companies. From 17 years of NATPE’s annual Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards to star keynotes and panels offering insights from top studio, broadest and streaming legends, NATPE has been sitting on 2,000 videos and 1,000 hours of video ranging across 40 years.

Yet that content comes in vastly different tech supports and to date is neither easily manageable nor readily searchable.

“Prior to being ingested into AnyClip’s platform, the NATPE library of content was a mix of digital and physical recordings,” NATPE President-CEO JP Bommel told Variety.

“We linked up with AnyClip while we were in the process of digitizing all of our content. Being able to access our library of content and search it so easily is going to be a great benefit to us as an organization and our membership,” he added.

The vast majority of our library is now up and loaded on AnyClip’s platform. NATPE is now looking forward to discussing ways that this content can be used as a benefit to marketing for the organization, and providing access to membership.

“We are now in a wonderful position to make some of the most captivating and historic insider moments accessible in seconds,” Bommel said.

AnyClip’s organisation of the content also opens up the opportunity for its monetization to documentary producers, news outlets or content creators focusing on Hollywood and the media industry at large. “But step one was getting it indexed and easily searchable in one secure location,” he observed.

“The issues that NATPE was grappling with – cumbersome file sizes, outdated formats in disparate locations, a lack of visibility or understanding of their archive – are common to media companies,” said AnyClip CMO, Kirk Iwanowski. “Even now you have media and entertainment clients that are manually applying metadata to their video files as they struggle to organize and leverage their  libraries,” he added.

AnyClip’s automated AI-driven technology drives efficiencies from not only a cost but also time perspective.

“We ingest content and analyze video frame by frame, 10 times faster than real time. Our ability to instantly extract data and mobilize an entire video archive obviously varies by its size – it can be hours, days or a week – but ultimately it’s negligible,” Iwanowski said.

Voice and speech recognition allow for search capability not only of files but within files. “Prospective distributors, producers, editors and creative agencies alike can now stop scrolling and start mining the NATPE offering with surgical precision.,” said Iwanowski.

Via its propriety Visual Intelligence Platform, AnyClip technology can also be leveraged for internal communications, allowing analytical access to in-house groups, town hall meetings or agencies’ campaigns and promotional material.

AnyClip is located in New York, Tel Aviv, London, and Berlin. It is backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments, former Sony America President & CEO Michael Schulhof, and Limelight Networks. In May 2021, the company announced it had closed a new $47 million investment led by JVP.