Mediawan Rights, the commercial branch of the pan-European production-distribution group Mediawan, has boarded international sales to “Golden Hour,” a thriller set in the aftermath of a terror attack in Amsterdam. The six-part series was written by Simon de Waal (“Lek”) and directed by Bobby Boermans (“Mocro Maffia”).

The show unfolds during the crucial hour that follows a terrorist attack in Hollande and follows Mardik, a tough but sympathetic Dutch detective of Afghan descent. One evening, Mardik receives a disturbing text message revealing that his childhood friend Faysal has come to the Netherlands. When a terrorist attack is carried out the next day, Mardik immediately suspects Faysal and goes to investigate, with drastic consequences.

“It’s not an ordinary crime series, it’s very character-driven and shows the ramifications of a terrorist attack with the perspectives of the victims and all the people impacted,” said Randall Broman, head of international distribution of scripted at Mediawan Rights.

“One of the most riveting aspects of the series is the dynamics between the mastermind of the attacks and the main detective who were both born in the same Afghan village and took opposite paths,” said Broman. “They were both refugee children in Europe, one of them growing up to become a proud Dutch citizen, while the other became radicalized,” continued the executive.

Broman pointed that “Golden Hour” also raises the issue of identity, systemic racism and profiling through the story of a detective whose patriotism is being questioned because of his Afghan origins. “He feels very insulted, if not outraged, when questioned about his identity and where his true allegiance lies, with the Netherlands or with Afghanistan. He is put into this impossible position to prove that he is, in his heart, truly Dutch.” Broman added.

The French-American executive, who moved to France five years ago, predicts the series will hit a nerve not only because it is a high-octane, action-packed thriller, but also because it explores the human side in a very clever way.

Broman also noted that there is great talent coming out of the Netherlands. “We’re very impressed with the talent coming from there surely, as one can see in ‘Golden Hour,’ but to be honest, with all the projects that we see coming through our office, talent seems to be popping up from pretty much everywhere these days. And good topical shows like ‘Golden Hour’ can strike a chord like no other,” he said.

Banijay’s Dutch label NL Film produced with Avrotos for the Dutch TV channel NPO3. The series is expected to be delivered in August.

Watch the teaser below: