“The Late Late Show with James Corden” will head to London next week with episodes featuring guests including President Joe Biden, Vin Diesel, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran and a Carpool Karaoke featuring Lizzo.

Also scheduled: John Boyega, Jamie Dornan, David Harbour, Alanis Morissette, Sam Smith and Tessa Thompson. This marks the first time “The Late Late Show” has been in London since 2019 (due to the pandemic), and its fourth trip there overall. But it’s also the show’s final trip to Blighty before Corden ends his late night run next spring.

“It’s not really tinged with sadness,” Corden told Variety. “It’s a huge undertaking to do such a thing, and it’s amazing for the team. It’s so great for all of us to be able to travel like this, and there’s always a great amount of excitement when we go into these weeks.”

Biden will be featured in Corden’s “Take a Break” segment, when the host fills in as the assistant to President of the United States Joe Biden, among other duties. “It’s kind of crazy the level of access that we had,” Corden said. “We really spent a day there filming everywhere. We filmed in the press room, the Oval Office, the kitchen, the hallways. And I have to say, everybody that we dealt with was really amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to get in the Oval Office twice, once with the First Lady under the Obama administration and now with President Biden. The whole thing was a real one for the memory of this show.”

As for Lizzo, Corden said “her music is kind of made for that segment. They’re all the songs that we sing along in the car to anyway. So to be in there with Lizzo, singing along to those songs is quite extraordinary. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with her socially. And the best thing I could say about her is she’s exactly the same person when the cameras are switched on as when you happen to bump into each other. I really love being around her. And her new record is so good. We’re going into the summer doing a ‘Carpool’ with a song that is absolutely the sound of the summer.”

But while we know, via “Truth Hurts,” that Lizzo’s DNA test revealed that she’s 100% that bitch, what about Corden? “I think I was about 75, 80 percent that bitch. It’s difficult to reach 100 when you’re in the car with Lizzo because she’s just so incredible.”

As for whether Corden is exploring his post-“Late Late Show” plans while visiting his native country, the host said not yet. “In truth, we haven’t decided as a family where we’re going to be yet,” he said. “This is the first summer since I started hosting the show that I haven’t shot something else. So I’m just very much looking forward to being with my family. I’m really trying to soak up every second of being with them. I’m looking forward to not doing anything and trying to have a proper break. Because everything is going to change very soon. So it will be nice to just stop and think about what we want to do.”

“The Late Late Show” will broadcast four episodes from Freemasons’ Hall in Central London, marking the show’s first time in that venue. The episodes will air on Monday, June 27, through Thursday June 30 — in the show’s normal 12:37 a.m. timeslot on CBS. In the UK, the show will air on Sky Comedy between June 28 and July 1, as well as on the Now streaming service.