The estate of celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and Miami-based BTF Media have partnered to produce a TV series based on the life and works of Kahlo.

Kahlo has been the subject of a slew of multiple films, documentaries and shorts. She was most famously portrayed in Julie Taymor’s Oscar-winning 2002 biopic “Frida,” starring Salma Hayek who garnered a best actress nomination for her portrayal of the artist.

Kahlo’s family, represented by Frida Kahlo Management has partnered with BTF Media founders Ricardo Coeto and Francisco Cordero and with Hector Martinez, co-executive producer to co-produce the series inspired by the life of the iconic artist.

According to Mara Romeo Kahlo, the painter’s great-niece, “the series seeks to portray Frida as she has never been seen before. The goal is to present a unique perspective based on what her family knows about her and show how she really lived her life,” she stated.

“Frida was known for her colorful self-portraits. Her self-portraits had different themes, such as her identity, her human body, and death. She was considered a hero to many because she did not allow society to get to her; instead, she used her struggles as her strength,” Coeto concurred.

“This project will allow Frida to be shown as a woman whose art represented empowerment, hope and power, and will allow her family to share with the audience how her legacy continues to inspire thousands of people around the world,” added Alfonso Duran, general director of Frida Kahlo Management.

The series will unpeel, with each episode, various little-known aspects of Kahlo’s life and works, which the family hopes will reveal the Frida they knew. Specific details on the project will be unveiled at a later date.

As one of the fastest growing Spanish-language media companies in the drama series landscape, BTF Media has forged multiple alliances with Latin American, U.S. Hispanic and Spanish companies. In 2020, it opened an office in Chile in a bid to tap the country’s rich talent pool and IP. It teamed up with Hernán Caffiero, creator of Intl. Emmy Award-winning “The Suspended Mourning,” to open the office in Santiago.

The producer of such breakout hits as Juan Gabriel biopic “Hasta que te conocí” also has outposts in Mexico, Argentina and Spain.