Amazon Prime Video has ordered its next French series original, “Darknet-sur-Mer,” (“On the Darknet”) a crime comedy series produced by Noor Sadar’s White Lion Films, a Mediawan Group company.

The six-episode series, directed by Remy Four and Julien War (“On The Other Side of the Tracks”), has just started filming in the Charente Maritime region of Southwest France. “Darknet-sur-Mer” is the first scripted program to be supported by the Selective Platforms Fund recently launched by the National Film Board for content backed by streamers.

“On the Darknet” revolves around a mysterious website named Vrasesin which offers services from contract killers and turns out to be a scam created by Ben and Flo, two amateur hackers who live in a quiet fishing resort at Ponet-sur-Mer. But Ben and Flo’s enterprise soon get them in trouble with Alkan, an Albanian criminal who is searching for a contract killer to assassinate the chief of a gang.

The show stars emerging talent, including Victor-Artus Solaro (aka Artus), Joséphine Draï, Théo Fernandez, Léon Plazol, Imer Kutllovci, Isabelle Candelier, Vincent Dessagnat and Arié Elmaleh.

Prime Video will launch the series in France including overseas territories and departments, Monaco and Andorra, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg in 2022.

Mediawan previously delivered the widely popular documentary series “Orelsan : Montre Jamais Ca à Personne,” another French Amazon Original. The docu series charting the upbringing and rise of Orelsan, a famous French rapper, songwriter and record producer who was filmed by his brother for 20 years.

Other French Amazon Originals include “True Story,” “LOL: Qui Rit,” “Sort !,” “Mixte,” “Le Bal des Folles,” “Celebrity Hunted,” and exclusives such as “Forte,” “Connectés,” “Je te Veux Moi Non Plus, After : Chapitre 3,” among others.