When it comes to sparking outrageous, sharable, replay-worthy on-camera moments on his “Real Housewives” reunion specials and nightly “Watch What Happens Live” installments, are there any further heights left for host Andy Cohen to scale?

“I mean, gosh — I’ve been slapped by Cher; I’ve been spanked by Martha Stewart,” he says, chuckling. “What more could a guy dream of?”

Cohen has seen his share of the eyebrow-raising, the jaw-dropping and the gut-busting during his long stint conducting live and largely unfiltered chats with both reconvened cast members of the various “Housewives” locales. Many of whom are inherently catty, dramatic and deeply grudge-holding. And then there are the of-the-moment Hollywood players who visit him and, sometimes with the aid of a little liquid courage and Cohen’s impish gift for lowering inhibitions, step outside their comfort zones.

The bar was set, he says, with the inaugural reunion special for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” when Nene Leakes grew increasingly furious throughout the broadcast, at one point repeatedly shouting at frenemy Kim Zolciak to “Close your legs to married men!” before storming off of the set in a fit of pique after constantly being confronted about her various interpersonal dramas.

“The first Atlanta reunion was huge, the biggest,” recalls Cohen. “I remember like 3 million people watched it, enough that I believe Jeff Zucker called me the next day and said, ‘Congratulations on the numbers,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, this is big.’”

Cohen says one of the most recent reunion specials, for Season 11 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” was a personal favorite because he had to come prepared to crack the seemingly impenetrable veneer of ace question-dodger Erika Jayne.

She was mired in multiple controversies, including the legal and financial hot water surrounding her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Tom Girardi, and questions surrounding the extent of her own role and knowledge.

“Believe it or not I enjoyed this last ‘Beverly Hills’ reunion because it allowed me to really challenge myself as an interviewer, because Erika had not spoken to anyone,” he says (“We’re gonna put you on a skewer and I’m gonna fire up the barbeque,” he told her when she lobbied for leniency at the outset). “There was so much speculation. … That was the perfect marriage of what I’m doing now and my CBS [News] days. I was proud of myself as a journalist for that one. I thought I did a good job grilling.”

Cohen didn’t have to think too hard for the most mind-blowing moment from “Watch What Happens Live,” jumping directly to a meme-worthy moment from 2020. “Hillary Clinton doing a shotski with me and Dorinda Medley!” he proclaims. Not only did the former secretary of state, first lady, U.S. senator and presidential candidate deliver a noteworthy candid, relaxed and revealing guest appearance, she capped the show by joining Cohen and his “Real Housewives of New York” cohort in downing one of a trifecta of shots glued to a ski.

And knocking back shots figured into another seemingly out-there moment from 2012 that, behind the scenes, held a deep personal significance for Cohen, who began his career as an intern at CBS News.

“When we had Dan Rather and John Mayer on and the three of us did a shot,” he recalls. “It was so cool to me because John was a friend of mine and he didn’t know Dan. And Dan — I mean, I grew up at CBS News, and there’s Dan, who now is not only on my show but has his own show on my radio channel, so we’re work together in a totally different capacity. That’s a real full-circle thing for me in my career.”