Asian channels operator KC Global Media has teamed with Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to develop “Fallen 8,” a sci-fi fantasy original animation series. It is a contemporary adaptation of the mystical Asian classic story of the Eight Immortals.

The narrative involves a group of celestial beings who are tested on their worth where they have fallen into the present day. Through the course of their adventures, each reveals their divine power to achieve a common goal.

The development venture is supported by IMDA’s Capability Partnership Programme and also involves animation firm Robot Playground Media. The show was announced Wednesday, on the first day of the Asia TV Forum in Singapore.

“Western myths have dominated film and television while at the same time connecting audiences to our shared humanity. I am excited to be working with talented Singapore creators to now bring one of the most popular Asian myths, ‘The Legend of the 8 Immortals’ to life with ‘Fallen 8,’ where we are taking the original folklore and characters but bringing them to the present day, with a fantasy, thriller twist storyline. Our united goal for this property, is to push boundaries through anime and CGI, but also create well-developed Asian, multilevel, superheroes that audiences worldwide will relate to and be entertained by,” said Meiling Melancon (“X-Men: The Last Stand,” “Shrink,” “American Romance,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” who is co-creator of the project.

George Chien, co-founder, president, and CEO of KC Global Media said: “We are sharing with the world an Asian cultural story of a popular mystical classic which has been a Chinese folklore often seen on Asian works of art that stems from a fascinating merger of historical, mythical, and cultural significance not known by many. Through ‘Fallen 8,’ we want to tell the stories that we have been told as kids and continue to celebrate our Asian culture through an immersive form of storytelling that is unique and entertaining at the same time.”

“Building on the momentum of our first Capability Partnership Programme project ‘Jonesy,’ KC Global continues to work with top showrunning talent in the region, to co-create premium made-with-Singapore content with a global reach,” said Justin Ang, assistant chief executive, media, innovation, communications and marketing at the IMDA.

KCGM Asia operates a portfolio of premium pay-TV channels in South-East Asia and Korea, including English-language general entertainment network AXN, anime channel Animax, South Korea’s ONE and Japanese entertainment channel GEM.