Tomorrow Studios has optioned rights to make a U.S. version of Japanese crime format “Connected: The Homebound Detective.” The original series about a man who is confined to his childhood bedroom, was produced by Envision Entertainment and Japanese broadcast group Nippon TV, and it its envisaged that the pair will co-produce with Tomorrow.

The format was created by creative director Mizuno Itaru for Nippon TV and CEO and Envision founder Michael Nakan. The series follows Ataru Aida, an agoraphobic young man who is fired from his job and takes his frustrations out on the internet. He connects with the online community around the world to expose his idol’s extramarital affair. Later, the police turn to him to use his exceptional internet research abilities to help solve crimes.

“Connected” was broadcast in Japan from April, when it achieved critical acclaim and ratings success. It reached number one on Japanese catch up service TVer, number one on local streaming (Hulu Japan) and was a Twitter sensation.

“We are delighted that Tomorrow Studios has partnered with us to produce the US version of ‘Connected.’ It confirms my belief that the format has great potential, with its unique global structure. We look forward to launching similar formats with Nippon TV and other global broadcasters in coming years,” said Nakan.

Tomorrow Studios is a partnership with ITV Studios headed by CEO and founder Marty Adelstein and president-partner Becky Clements. It produces network, cable and streaming series including “Physical,” “Let The Right One In,” “Snowpiercer” and the highly anticipated manga One Piece.

Envision Entertainment is a London-based media company specializing in developing and producing international premium content.

Nippon TV, broadcaster and owner of Hulu Japan, has a strong track record in scripted and unscripted formats including “Shark Tank” / “Dragon’s Den,” “Mother” and “Block Out.” At this week’s Asia TV Forum in Singapore, it is unveiling two new formats “Vocals Like Locals” and “First Kiss Boys / First Kiss Ladies.” On Thursday, the company will take part in a panel discussion looking at the “Old Enough” format.