New York’s theater scene has its next impossible to come by ticket.

Ralph Fiennes, Tony winner, Oscar nominee, recovering Voldemort and Monsieur Gustave for the ages, will tread the boards again as Robert Moses in David Hare’s new play “Straight Line Crazy.”

The show has already played in the West End, where it scored rave reviews. Variety wrote that in the title role as the super controversial city planner, “Fiennes is all boldly convincing, controlled threat, his monomania teetering on the edge of malevolence.” It will now have a nine-week run at The Shed’s Griffin Theater as part of its fall 2022 season. Nicholas Hytner will direct the show.

“Straight Line Crazy” should land with even greater resonance in New York City, where the legacy of Moses’s obsession with erecting highways (often at the expense of the neighborhoods and ethnic enclaves he knocked down in the process) can still be seen and felt. Critics claimed that Moses’s public works projects often came at the expanse of people of color. The show examines the arc of Moses’s controversial career in two decisive moments: his rise to power as the “master builder” of the city’s infrastructure and parks in the late 1920s and the public outcry against the way he exacted said power in the mid-1950s.

Preview performances begin Oct. 18, and the production opens on Oct. 26 with performances through Dec. 18, 2022. Get ready to shell out for seats.

“When I first read ‘Straight Line Crazy’ I was compelled by its provocation, humor, and of course by the portrayal of Robert Moses. It seemed its natural home was NYC and now—thanks to The Shed—the play can be seen there. I’m excited. It’s a New York play—that’s simply what it is,” said Fiennes.

As part of the presentation of Straight Line Crazy, The Shed will produce a series of conversations about Moses’s impact on the city.