Russian VOD platform KION has unveiled a slate of original content it will be presenting to buyers at the European Film Market.

Launched less than one year ago by telecom giant MTS, the company has so far surpassed expectations, according to Igor Mishin, VP for media business development at MTS and CEO of MTS Media. “We have exceeded all business key performance indicators, in terms of the subscriber base and streaming views,” he said.

The company is launching two new feature films and two original series at EFM.

“Ophiuchus” is an erotic thriller about a bold and sexually liberated pathologist whose lovers begin to die under mysterious circumstances. “No Place in Heaven” is a sci-fi drama about two former lovers who fall into a time loop after a meteor crash and suddenly have a chance to correct their past mistakes.

“The Kidney” is a 10×30’ dramedy series about a cold-blooded, cynical beauty who suddenly learns she has three months to live – unless she can find an organ donor who’s willing to forgive her. “My Mom’s Penguins” is a 7×30’ dramedy about a 15-year-old who wants to become a stand-up comedian to cope with the psychological trauma caused by his mother’s neglect.

KION’s original productions have bowed in Russia to strong ratings and critical acclaim, said Mishin.

The next step in the streamer’s plans, he added, is evolution. “We have already made a very successful start, now we are actively engaged in building brand awareness,” he said. “We are a young platform, therefore, in terms of brand awareness, we might be behind the leaders who have been on the market for 5-10 years.”

Part of the company’s growth involves forging ties with partners from across the globe. “We are looking forward to developing relationships with international players,” Mishin added, “and not only distribute our projects world-wide but get into co-production partnerships with international partners.”