Joe Alwyn and ‘Conversations With Friends’ Co-Stars React to Taylor Swift Praising the Series as ‘Phenomenal’

Joe Alwyn, Alison Oliver, Jemima Kirke
Gilbert Flores for Variety

Conversations With Friends” star Joe Alwyn and his castmates are, no surprise, thrilled that his girlfriend Taylor Swift has broadcast her support for the Hulu series to her 210 million Instagram followers.

The singer recently posted an Instagram Story featuring screengrab of a headline from Time magazine that praised the series. Swift’s caption read, “Can confirm it’s phenomenal.”

“I’m happy for anyone who enjoys it,” Alwyn told me on Tuesday night at an FYC screening and Q&A at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. “It’s such a loved book. I was such a fan of it, so anyone who sees it, anyone who feels that they can connect with it and find love in it whether they read the book or not, it’s pretty cool.”

Alwyn sidestepped referring directly to Swift — the couple is notoriously private about their relationship and publicists at the event told reporters not to ask any personal questions on the carpet — but “Conversations” co-star Sasha Lane, who plays Bobbi said, “It’s very sweet of her to want to support the people that you spend time with, that it’s something that she loves…It’s all appreciated.”

Jemima Kirke plays Alwyn’s wife in the series. She wasn’t aware of Swift’s Instagram story until she was asked about in on the carpet. “That’s great,” she said. “I’ll thank [Swift] when I see her.”

“Conversations With Friends” stars Alwyn as a famous actor who has an affair with a young bisexual poet (newcomer Alison Oliver). The series follows the huge success of Hulu’s adaptation of Rooney’s “Normal People.” Both shows include multiple steamy bedroom scenes. The production marked the first time Alwyn worked with an intimacy coordinator.

“She comes in and choreographs the scenes like one would do with dance scene or a fight scene,” he told me. “It becomes quite technical. That creates quite a safe space. And she’s also the one who comes and gets the embarrassment out of it but running around the floor and making funny noises. She does that for you.”