Donald Trump gave his first interview to NPR in six years, but the conversation was abruptly ended after the former president hung up on reporter Steve Inskeep after being challenged over his election fraud lies. Trump was asked about Republican candidates being forced to back his false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Inskeep asked Trump to comment on Republican Sen. Mike Rounds’ recent comments that Republicans claiming elections are rigged will harm their chances of winning future elections.

“While there were some irregularities, there were none of the irregularities which would have risen to the point where they would have changed the vote outcome in a single state,” Sen. Rounds recently said ABC’s “This Week.” “The election was fair, as fair as we have seen. We simply did not win the election, as Republicans, for the presidency. And if we simply look back and tell our people don’t vote because there’s cheating going on, then we’re going to put ourselves in a huge disadvantage.”

“No, I think it’s an advantage, because otherwise they’re going to do it again in ’22 and ’24, and Rounds is wrong on that,” Trump said during his NPR interview. “Totally wrong.”

Trump told Inskeep that there were “more votes than there were voters” during the 2020 election, adding, “Go into Detroit and just ask yourself, ‘Is it true that there are more votes than there are voters?’ Look at Pennsylvania. Look at Philadelphia.”

Inskeep pushed back on Trump’s claims by telling him, “It is not true.”

The question that cut the conversation short was when Iskeep asked, “If I can just move on to ask, are you telling Republicans in 2022 that they must press your case on the past election in order to get your endorsement? Is that an absolute?”

“They are going to do whatever they want to do — whatever they have to do, they’re going to do,” Trump said before hanging up. “But the ones that are smart — the ones that know, you take a look at. Again, you take a look at how Kari Lake is doing, running for governor. She’s very big on this issue. She’s leading by a lot. People have no idea how big this issue is, and they don’t want it to happen again. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen, and they don’t want it to happen again.”

Trump ended the interview immediately after. Listen to the abrupt interview exit in the video below.