During a commercial break of “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah revealed what it was like to meet K-pop superstars BTS at the Grammy Awards last month.

An audience member asked Noah, “We’re dying to know, what was it like to talk to BTS?” Noah responded, “You know, they say sometimes when you experience too much joy in a moment, you sort of black it out.”

The conversation happened during Noah’s Emmy-nominated digital series “Between the Scenes,” which is shot in between takes of “The Daily Show.” The audience members were Noah’s first in more than two years.

The Grammys host continued, “You know, one thing I love about BTS is, they are, first of all, the nicest group of people you’ll ever meet. And not, like, nice — because sometimes people say ‘nice,’ but they lose the context. They’ll be like, ‘Oh, nice to other celebrities, nice to other…’. You know what I mean? No, they’re just nice in every interaction that they have with people and what they do.”

Speaking to BTS’ smooth like “Butter” dance moves, which they showcased during a James Bond-themed performance of the Grammy-nominated song, Noah added: “They’re so good and efficient at what they do. Like, they hit their marks. They’re learning their moves. But, like, really precise, you know?”

Comparing the global phenomenons to boy bands of years past, Noah joked that groups like NSYNC “got away with shit,” clarifying that he wasn’t “trying to throw shade or anything.”

“I was just like, the moves that these kids are doing, and then you think of the boy bands I grew up with and I’m like, damn,” Noah said.

Watch the full video below.