The mysterious British R&B collective Sault has released five full albums simultaneously today (Nov. 1). The albums, which have a religious theme, are available as a free download for just five days.

“We will release 5 album’s on November 1 st as an offering to God,” the group wrote on Twitter. “Abailable for free download for 5 days. The word to unlock all 5 albums is in the message. Love Sault X.”

The albums are titled “11,” “Untitled (God),” “Earth,” “Aiir” and “Today & Tomorrow.” It’s possible that this is the largest amount of newly recorded music released by a relatively major artist at once.

While unusual, the move is very much on-message for the group, which is helmed by producer Inflo, who has worked extensively with Little Simz, Michael Kiwanuka and more recently Adele. From its first release in 2018, the group has been extremely prolific and intentionally anonymous, declining interviews and even photographs, with only songwriter and production credits giving a clue as to their identities. Singer Cleo Sol is also a prominent member.

Their music is an adventurous but often spare form of R&B, which can range from simply vocals with bass and drums to fully orchestrated songs; the group’s most recent album, “Air,” was a purely symphonic recording. “Aiir” appears to be a follow-up symphonic album. Its albums often bear either numbers or “Untitled” titles, with a subtitle in parentheses.

The album before that one, “Nine,” was only available as a download for nine days. “Nine” and all five of the albums released today are not available on streaming services.

It preceded today’s albums’ release with a 10-minute single that was actually more like three songs combined into one, also with a religious theme.