Phoebe Bridgers, who has been outspoken about the battle over abortion rights since news of Roe v. Wade’s impending overturn by the Supreme Court was first leaked earlier this year, made no bones about her feelings during her set at the Glastonbury festival in England on Friday.

“In all honesty, [the festival is] like super surreal and fun, but I’m having like the shittiest day,” she told the crowd. “Are there any Americans here? What wants to say ‘Fuck the Supreme Court’ on three?,” she shouted before leading a chant of “Fuck the Supreme Court!” She concluded: “Fuck that shit. Fuck America. Like, fuck you. All these irrelevant old motherfuckers trying to tell us what to do with our fucking bodies.”

Earlier this year Bridgers tweeted: “I had an abortion in October of last year while I was on tour. I went to planned parenthood where they gave me the abortion pill. It was easy. Everyone deserves that kind of access. Here’s a big list of places you can donate to right now.” On Friday, she tweeted simply “Fucking evil,” with no need to add what she was referring to, and added a link to the Mariposa Fund abortion-care providers.

Along with Bridgers, Pearl Jam, Bette Midler, Amanda Shires, Maren Morris and many others have weighed in, and with the Glastonbury Festival — which is England’s largest festival and also features Billie Eilish, St. Vincent, Olivia Rodrigo, Kendrick Lamar, Kacey Musgraves, Haim and others — and the BET Awards taking place this weekend, we’re likely to hear lots more in the coming days.