Seven-time nominee Olivia Rodrigo took the stage at the 2022 Grammys to perform “Drivers License,” which has already won the singer her first award of the night.

Wearing a white dress, black fishnets and Doc Martens, Rodrigo belted the record-breaking tune against the backdrop of a scant neighborhood street. She began the performance inside a vintage white Mercedes-Benz convertible, soon stepping out of the car to meet her all-woman band as they ramped the song’s tempo up a notch. A few animatronic butterflies even floated around in the background, matching the aesthetic of her debut album “Sour.”

Rodrigo is one of the most-nominated artists at this year’s Grammys, up for awards in seven categories: record of the year, best pop solo performance and song of the year for “Drivers License”; best new artist, album of the year and best pop vocal album for “Sour”; and best music video for “Good 4 U.” And she already has one under her belt, winning best pop solo performance for “Drivers License” during the pre-telecast.

Rodrigo splashed onto the scene in January 2021 with her debut single “Drivers License,” which quickly became the biggest song in the world. Her debut album, “Sour,” released in May 2021 to critical acclaim, dominating the charts and making her a bonafide pop star.

Rodrigo is fresh off of the release of her film “Driving Home 2 U” on Disney Plus, which debuted on March 25, and is about to head out on a sold-out world tour. In an interview with Variety about the film’s premiere, Rodrigo discussed what making the film meant to her.

“Obviously, the songs from ‘Sour’ completely have taken on a whole new meaning and they kind of have a life of their own now, which I think is just a natural thing that happens when you put out music,” Rodrigo said. “But it was really cool to go back and revisit the songs when they were just seeds of an idea, and they hadn’t become what they are today. [It] just kind of reminded me about the magic that songwriting is.”