Only two episodes in to “Ms. Marvel,” Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, is Marvel’s newest superhero, winning fans around the world. The teen superfan-turned-superhero has just discovered her powers, and as she goes on this journey, music supervisor Dave Jordan and co-music supervisor Shannon Murphy have accompanied her adventures with lots of banging needle drops.

Here are some tracks featured in the series. While this only highlights some of the tracks from the first two episodes, if this is anything to go by, there will be plenty more to come, as new episodes drop every Wednesday.

Eva B – “Rozi”

The Pakistani musican and rapper’s tune, “Rozi” appeared in the first episode of the series as the end credits rolled. The song was originally recorded in 2019 and recreated for the “Ms. Marvel” show.


The Weeknd  – “Blinding Lights”

When Marvel released the trailer for “Ms. Marvel” in March, one highlight was the Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.” The song was remixed slightly for the synch used, and fans raved about its “top-notch” use of the hit song. It didn’t end there. The song reappears in the first episode of the series as superfan Kamala breaks down a scene from “Avengers: Endgame.”

The Ronettes – “Be My Baby”

One of the most joyful and surprising needle drops is “Be My Baby.” The 1963 song is not too much of an oldie for Kamala, who exchanges text messages and bonds with Kamran, a high school senior. After a party, Kamala returns home and in a jolly mood starts dancing though her house and the living room to this classic tune, in a dream-like sequence.

Riz Ahmed – “Deal With It”

Yes, it’s that Riz Ahmed. When he’s not acting, Ahmed also moonlights as a singer. His song “Deal With It” is taken from “The Long Goodbye.” Its lyrics look at colonialism and toxicity in Pakistan. Fittingly, the song plays as Kamala walks through the hallways of her high school and is made fun of as people deliberately mispronounce her name. This all takes place before she finds her confidence and superpowers.

Ahmed Rushdi – “Ko Ko Koreena”

So much of “Ms. Marvel’s” power comes from the authenticity with which Kamala’s heritage and culture are pt front and center of the show. Not only is that reflected through the costume design, it’s also reflected in the music choices. Aside from well-known hits, Jordan and Shannon Murphy and the team dug into the music libraries of Asian artists. Ahmen Rushdi was a huge star in Pakistan and featured in the film “Armaan.” The song plays in “Ms. Marvel” as Kamala and her mother are running errands around town.

Mase – “Feel So Good”

Kamala’s love for the ’90s continues with this rap song. She strolls into school with a newfound confidence for obvious reasons. She’s dancing around, correcting that idiot teacher who keeps saying her name wrong, and having a moment in the sun. This song features in episode 2, and we see a new Kamala. She’s discovered her superpower abilities and has swagger in her step showing confidence. What a difference it makes, now that she doesn’t have to walk down the hallways feeling targeted? Mase’s “Feel So Good” is the epitome of how she’s feeling and is the perfect song for her. She even takes an aside to correct the teacher who mispronounced her name in the first episode, speaking of feel-good moments.