Jeremiah Green, the drummer and co-founder of rock band Modest Mouse, has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. The band announced Green’s diagnosis on its official Instagram on Tuesday night.

“Some of you may have already heard, but I figured it would be good to hear the news directly from our camp,” lead singer Isaac Brock wrote. “Jeremiah was diagnosed with cancer a short while ago, and he’s currently in treatment. It seems to be going smoothly and making a positive difference. Jeremiah, as am I, are believers in the power of positive energy, so if you would be so kind as to send ‘good vibes’ (to quote Jeremiah) in the direction of Jeremiah and his family, that’d be great.”

Green’s mother, Carol Namatame, also asked fans for “healing vibes” in a Facebook post on Christmas, writing that her son is “battling stage 4 cancer” but is “so strong and so brave and hanging in there.” KEXP DJ Marco Collins added in his own Facebook post that Green had dropped out of the band’s recent tour to undergo chemotherapy treatments. It is unclear what type of cancer Green was diagnosed with.

“Despite having a stage 4 diagnosis, his prognosis is good,” Collins wrote. “Also his oncologist is a big MM fan (so he’s got that in his corner!)”

Green has been the drummer for Modest Mouse since 1992, when he formed the band along with Brock and former bassist Eric Judy. He left the group briefly in 2003, but returned later that year and has been recording and touring with Modest Mouse ever since. The band’s seventh album, “The Golden Casket,” released on June 25, 2021.