Megan Thee Stallion will talk about the 2020 incident in which Tory Lanez allegedly shot her on “CBS Mornings” Monday. The incident, in which Megan has claimed publicly that Lanez shot her in the feet after an argument following a party at Kylie Jenner’s house in July of 2020, has never been fully explained; the court case is ongoing. Megan has slowly revealed details on social media and in interviews; Lanez has vaguely denied it in statements and in several songs.

But according to a preview clip of the interview with Gayle King that airs tomorrow (Monday, April 25), Megan tearfully discussed the issue on television with her for the first time. See a preview and partial transcript below, in which Megan repeats her claim that Lanez (real name: Daystar Peterson) yelled “Dance, b—h!” as he shot at her feet.

Lanez was arrested in connection with the incident and later was arrested again for allegedly violating court orders from contacting her; he posted bail in both cases. She has claimed that he offered to pay her in exchange for keeping quiet about the incident. Megan unveiled a new song called “Plan B” that apparently addresses the incident during her performances at the Coachella festival over the past two weekends.

The next court hearing is scheduled for September.


GAYLE KING: There was an argument in the car?
MEGAN THEE STALLION: It– it was a argument because I was ready to go and everybody else wasn’t ready to go. But that’s, like, normal friend stuff.
MEGAN THEE STALLION: Like, we fuss about silly sh– silly stuff all the time. But I never put my hands on anybody. I never raised my voice too loud. Like, this was one of them times where it was, like, it shouldn’t have got this crazy.
GAYLE KING: It shouldn’t have escalated to–
MEGAN THEE STALLION: Right. So I get out of the car and it’s like everything happens so fast. And all I hear is this man screaming. And he said, “Dance, bitch.” And he started shooting. And I’m just like, “Oh, my God.”
MEGAN THEE STALLION: Like, he shot a couple of times. And I– I was so scared–
GAYLE KING: So is he in the car shooting from the car, Megan? How is he–
MEGAN THEE STALLION: He is standin’ up over the window shooting. And I didn’t even want to move. I didn’t want to move too quick. Like, ’cause I’m like, “Oh, my God. If I take the wrong step, I don’t know if he’s gonna shoot something that’s, like, super important. I don’t know if he could shoot me and kill me.” Like–
GAYLE KING: Were you afraid for your life at that time?
MEGAN THEE STALLION: I was really scared ’cause I had never been shot at before.