As the prosecution moves to complete their case in the highly-publicized criminal trial of Tory Lanez for the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, they called for additional testimony on Monday from LAPD officer Sandra Cabral and senior DA investigator Jody Little.

Little (whose September interview with Harris was played in full for the courts on Dec. 16) was called to the stand by deputy district attorney Kathy Ta to review lyrics written by Megan’s former friend — and ex-assistant — Kelsey Harris. The diss track, which Harris released in 2020 following the shooting and is titled “Bussin Back,” includes direct mention of the roadside assault: “(Who shot ya?) ‘Cause you know it wasn’t me / I was 10 toes down whenever you had beef.”

During cross-examination, Lanez’s attorney asked Little about lyrics in the song that imply Megan, whose birth name is Megan Pete, lied to the district attorney (“Imagine lying to the DA saying I took some hush money”). Harris also refers to “Dez” in the track (“Dez said if I spoke that a sex tape could drop”), which is presumed to be Desiree Perez, CEO of Roc Nation, according to a report by Billboard’s Heran Mamo.

Harris was not in attendance at Monday’s court session, but Lanez — real name Daystar Peterson — was, as he has been for the past five days of trial.

Officer Cabral was called for additional questioning surrounding body cam footage, which was played for the jury, that displayed Harris on the night of the shooting. Scenes show Harris on the ground with Peterson and his driver nearby as they awaited police instruction, according to Law & Crime’s Meghann Cuniff. Harris was described to be “distraught” and “crying” by Cabral, and is heard asking Pete if she is okay, to which Pete responds, “Yeah.”

In cross-examination, Lanez’s attorney George Mgdesyan asked Cabral if she saw his client’s demeanor, but she said her focus was entirely on Harris. Mgdesyan also questioned Cabral about any ties with the DA, which she denied.

Prosecutors have asked for an extra day to present the case or permission to rest and then re-open with the intent of locating an unidentified witness which many assume to be Justin Edison — Pete’s former head of security — who failed to appear in court on Dec. 16 for his testimony. Pete’s attorney has released statements that police are looking for him, but the LAPD has yet to open a missing person report. Pete’s former stylist, Eric Culverson, was also called to the stand as he was present at Kylie Jenner’s Hollywood Hills home with Harris, Pete and Peterson prior to the shooting.

Harris has previously testified much of her recollection of that night is “blurry” due to drinking at the event and has backtracked on several of her statements from the September interview in which she initially confirmed that Peterson was the gunman. Peterson denies this claim and his defense team has pointed the finger at Harris based on DNA evidence found on the gun, although she testified those remarks were “ridiculous.”

More witnesses are set to take the stand tomorrow morning.