Seven-time Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson will give an in-depth master class on music production in a forthcoming BBC Maestro series, demonstrating in detail how he works as a producer, beat maker, musician, songwriter and collaborator. Ronson’s long resume includes classic albums with such legendary artists as Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Adele, Bruno Mars (including the smash “Uptown Funk”), Paul McCartney, Lily Allen, Duran Duran and many others.

The series, which launches on July 5, features 18 online lessons — with individual sub-chapters — wherein Ronson educates beginners on how to tackle songwriting, recording, production as well as advice on how to successfully collaborate with other musicians to create genre defying and timeless music. Information on the paid-subscription series is below; check out the trailer:

“I’m doing this so that any young kids curious about producing, or people who are starting out, or just music fans who are wondering if they want to get into it, can see how to produce music,” Ronson tells Variety. “The BBC is almost the reason I have a career in some ways, because of the early support of Radio One and [DJs] Zane Lowe and Giles Peterson, and when I hear ‘BBC’ I go to a very happy place on my brain. So things that I’ve learned about production and miking and techniques that I used to be very possessive of, I’m now less precious about. When somebody hits me on Instagram with a little message like, ‘Hey, I’m a fledgling producer, where do I put the mic around the kick drum when I’m trying to get this sound,’ and if I have a second, I’m always happy to write back, and this is kind of a way of doing that on a bigger scale.”

“We’re thrilled to have Mark Ronson’s course on Music Production launching on both sides of the Atlantic on 5th July,” says BBC Maestro Managing Director Michael Levine. “BBC Maestro’s goal is to find the greatest exponents in their field and have them teach their craft and inspire those interested in learning. As part of the course, Mark breaks down some of his biggest hits. ‘Educate Yourself’ is a particularly powerful lesson in his BBC Maestro course, as Mark talks through  ‘Back to Black’ in the very studio where he first met Amy Winehouse. We can’t wait to hear the future Grammy and BRIT award-winning songs that will hopefully come from those who take Mark’s course secrets with them into their next production session.”

Launched in October 2020, the BBC Maestro platform sees world-class experts share exclusive knowledge and insight into their craft. Ronson’s course launch coincides with the introduction of BBC Maestro’s new all-access subscription service, where users can pay an annual fee for unlimited access to all BBC Maestro courses.

● Mark Ronson’s Music Production Course launches on 5 July 2022
● Buy now at www.bbcmaestro.com
● The total course length is over 6 hours
● Launches with BBC Maestro’s new all-access subscription service
● The cost of the individual course is £80