Kanye West has been suspended from Instagram for 24 hours for violating the platform’s harassment policy, Variety has confirmed.

According to a Meta spokesperson, the platform has deleted content posted by West for violating their policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment. As a result, West has been restricted from posting, commenting and sending DMs for a 24-hour period. Meta’s policy is to restrict accounts that have repeatedly violated these rules and the platform will take additional measures if further violations are made.

Representatives for West had no comment on the matter.

Earlier on Wednesday, West directed a racial slur at “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah via an Instagram post after Noah discussed the ongoing feud between West, his former wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, “Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson, on his show Tuesday night. The post has since been deleted.

Davidson has been a frequent target on West’s Instagram page, with the rapper also dissing the comedian in the lyrics of his recent song, “Eazy.” The song’s animated music video, which released on March 2, depicts West kidnapping Davidson and burying him from the neck down. On Wednesday, West made several more posts about Davidson, one of which reads: “Im really concerned that SKETE will get my kids mom hooked on drugs He’s in rehab every 2 months.” West’s posts today also went after Davidson’s writing partner, Dave Sirus, and D.L. Hughley.

West has also frequently discussed his custody troubles on Instagram, posting several videos over the weekend alleging that Kardashian is keeping him from seeing his children when he would like to. In response, Kardashian commented on one of the videos: “Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school.”

Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021 and was declared legally single on March 2.