Ed Sheeran Documentary in the Works, Balancing Home and ‘Life as a Celebrity’

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A documentary about the life and career of Ed Sheeran is in the works.

“We are shooting a documentary at the moment about my life, and there was a big conversation about what we include,” Sheeran explained to UK tabloid The Sun.

The singer has been on tour for much of 2022 in support of his latest record “=” (although the tour has been billed as the Mathematics Tour, due to the 31-year-old artist having put out albums with titles that represent mathematics symbols). The tour began in April in Dublin, Ireland and will conclude in September 2023 at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Sheeran outlined some of the parameters him and his team are keeping in mind in regard to what will be included in the documentary: “As long as it’s honest and it links in with a theme of something that’s in a song — there is no point in putting something in if it’s detrimental to my life.

“It is a very fine line, it is why I live in Suffolk and not in LA. My life as a celebrity is turned on when I am in New York, but at home I am a friend, a dad, a husband, a son,” Sheeran continued, about the balance between his music career and personal life. “You can’t bring celebrity baggage to home.”

Sheeran is not a stranger to appearing in front of the camera, previously having appeared in a brief cameo on “Game of Thrones” in 2017 and playing a fictionalized version of himself in Danny Boyle’s 2019 Beatles film “Yesterday.”