Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Astn, who went viral on TikTok for his R&B remix of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever,” has signed with Warner Records.

The R&B breakout star, whose real name is Austin Sanders, dropped his debut EP as Astn, “Tell Your Friends,” in 2017. Today marks the release of his first song with Warner, titled “Gradually.”

“The song poses the question: Is it more agonizing to see someone you love vanish from your life all of the sudden, or slowly detach from you over time?” Astn said in a statement. “It’s about knowing this person is on their way out, and yet you still try to make it work, salvaging anything from it that might be left. But truthfully, there’s a beauty in letting go.”

Senior vice president of A&R Ericka Coulter brought Astn to Warner Records. In a statement to Variety, co-chairman and CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck praised the artist’s “ability to move between both pop and R&B influences so effortlessly.”

“Astn is a star in the making,” said Bay-Schuck. “His inspirations are familiar, and his music timeless, yet he’s bringing to it a fresh style all his own. He’s so clear on who he wants to be, what he wants his music to sound like, what he wants his visuals to look like and what will make the most authentic connection with his fans; these are all marks of a true artist.”

Bay-Schuck continued, “When you add his natural ability to utilize all the tools the social space has to offer, along with a bright and talented management team, you’ve got the makings of a breakout act. [Co-chairman and COO] Tom Corson and I are thrilled to welcome him to the Warner Family.”

Watch the video for “Gradually” below.