‘365 Days’ Star Michele Morrone Makes Indian Debut Alongside Bollywood Star Jacqueline Fernandez With ‘Mud Mud Ke’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Jacqueline Fernandez Michele Morrone
Desi Music Factory

Italian actor and singer Michele Morrone is set to make his Indian debut alongside Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez with music video “Mud Mud Ke.”

Morrone starred in Polish erotic film ‘365 Days,’ which is getting two sequels from Netflix. Fernandez is a Sri Lankan actor who made a mark in Bollywood with “Kick,” alongside Salman Khan, and has upcoming films co-starring Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar.

The ‘Mud Mud Ke’ video is from Desi Music Factory and features music by Tony Kakkar who also sings with Neha Kakkar. Mihir Gulati has directed the video, which has been choreographed by Shakti Mohan. The song is the label’s first international collaboration.

Morrone said: “I’m excited about foraying into the music space in India. It is heartwarming to be welcomed with so much love. I love challenges and ‘Mud Mud Ke’ posed a challenge that excited me. I’m honored to be collaborating with Desi Music Factory. I thank the people of this country for waiting for my Indian debut.”

Fernandez said: “What an exciting time this is for Indian music. I’m thrilled about Michele’s Indian debut and I’m sure he will be embraced by the audience. It reminds me of how welcoming India has been to me. I’m certain Michele’s entry in India will be no different. I thank the viewers and listeners for showing us so much love and we hope to bring you all a memorable song.”

Anshul Garg, founder and CEO, Desi Music Factory, added: “I’m thrilled to be welcoming ‘365 Days’ star Michele Morrone to the Indian music scene with ‘Mud Mud Ke.’ 2022 is about exploring territories we had been eyeing for a long time for us. We have hit machine Tony Kakkar and queen of music Neha Kakkar leading the charge of music and we have one of the hottest couples headlining the song.”

A teaser for the video drops on Feb. 8 and the song and video will be released Feb. 12.