Banijay Rights, the global distribution arm of Banijay, has licensed eight-part historical drama “Marie Antoinette” to BBC First in Australia.

Created and written by Deborah Davis (“The Favourite”), “Marie Antoinette” tells the story of the incredibly modern and avant-garde young queen, played by Emilia Schüle (“Ku’damm 56/ 63”). It was previously licensed to U.K. public broadcaster BBC2.

Marie Antoinette was barely 14 years old when she left Austria to marry the Dauphin of France. Growing from a stubborn young princess navigating the rules of the French court under pressure to continue the Bourbon line, to a true fashion icon, she impressed with her charisma, and recreated life in Versailles in her image: free, independent and feminist. Even with rumours undermining her reputation, the notorious figure was able to defeat her enemies at the Versailles court with courage and dignity.

The show was co-written by Louise Ironside (“The Split”), Avril E. Russell (“All on a Summer’s Day”) and Chloë Moss (“Run Sister Run”). The series is directed by Pete Travis (“Bloodlands”) and Geoffrey Enthoven (“Children of Love”). 

The show was produced by Banijay Studios France, CAPA Drama and Les Gens as a Canal Plus Creation Original. Production is by Claude Chelli and Margaux Balsan for Capa Drama, Alban Étienne and Stéphanie Chartreux for Banijay Studios France, and Christophe Toulemonde for Les Gens.

Filming took place in many prestigious historical places including the Châteaux of Versailles, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Lésigny, Champs, Voisins, and at the Bry-sur-Marne studios.

“Boasting outstanding scenery and performances, ‘Marie Antoinette’ is continuing to gain strong traction worldwide. This series chronicles the life of a unique young queen as she navigates the often dark and manipulative world of Versailles,” said Kell Hoddinott, VP sales, Australia and New Zealand, Banijay Rights.