Maquinitas, a program of Latin America film market Ventana Sur, is teaming with Mexico’s Grupo Mórbido to launch Let’s Spook, a new showroom for fantasy/horror video games in development in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

The news comes as the Mórbido Film Fest has confirmed dates for this year, plus its move into the Web 3.0, NFTs and the Metaverse.

For Let’s Spook, Maquinitas and Mórbido are sending out a call for applications, which will run from June 1 -Aug. 15, to video game developers and programmers from Ibero-America looking to promote and enhance their genre projects.  

Let’s Spook will form part of the 2022 Morbido Film Fest, which has set dates this year of Oct. 25 through Nov. 1. The five selected projects will be announced on Aug. 31 through social media. The showcase will also feature special guests, masterclasses, industry panels and esports meetings, the partners announced Sunday. 

Launched last year, Maquinitas is a program that looks to bring together representatives of the Ibero-American video game industry at Ventana Sur in order to promote productions, allow the region’s talent to stand out and build bridges with other sectors, such as the film and TV industries.

Mórbido describes itself as a communications platform, a generator of own, independent and commercial content, all related to the fantastic and horror genre in pop-culture, technology and entertainment.

“Our collaborations through the year with Ventana Sur and Blood Window consolidate with this gaming showroom and its only the beginning of a new wave of technology events that we’ll organize together in Mexico and Argentina,” said Mórbido founder Pablo Guisa.

2022’s 15th Morbido Film Fest will launch its first edition of 666 NFT utility tokens, using a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) for fans and attendees. Awards in all categories in its official selection will be made with NFTs. Mórbido will also create a Metaverse Theatre “to give its audience a new experience and to bring them into the future of entertainment,” Guisa said.

It is also developing marketing strategies in Web 3.0 for the release of feature films. 

“Abyss,” an original script from writer-director Adrián García Bogliano (“Here Comes the Devil”), one of the doyens of Latin America’s genre scene, will be used to create the first Latin horror film using blockchain and NFT technology for its funding, production and promotion.

“Morbido has always been about bringing our audience experiences. After the digital jump the pandemic brought to society and since hybrid events are now common, we want to push events further and bring a next level of experience with Morbido Web 3.0 events,” Guisa explained.