Outsider Pictures has secured the international rights to co-directors Pablo Aragüés and Marta Cabrera’s genre feature “Para entrar a vivir” ahead of the Malaga Film Festival this March. 

It will showcase the film’s trailer at the NEXT from Spain section of the Malaga Festival; the whole film will screen at the Cannes Film Market this May.

Paul Hudson, Outsider Pictures founder and CEO, shared with Variety the comedy-horror film’s trailer, which follows the troubles of a couple moving into a magical new home. The trailer begins by asking, “what if the dream house gave everything you wanted,” setting a light mood.

The couple, played by Barbara Goenaga (Goya-nominated for “Oviedo Express”) and Gorka Otxoa (“Fe de etarras”), moves into their dream house, which they soon realize magically grants any wish they request. However, they begin to learn that although the house gives, it also must take, as it did to the previous owner, a woman whose sudden disappearance remains a mystery.

As the trailer unfolds, the setting becomes tenser, the colors darker, and the couple more worried that their dream house may hide certain consequences. Towards the end, the trailer further clarifies, ominously “but in exchange, you could lose everything.”

Redwood Films produced the film, which was largely shot in Zaragoza, Spain. Zahara and Juno, a singer and band respectively, famous in Latin America and Spain produced music for the film’s soundtrack.

Aragüés said he sought to use this movie to put a new spin on a situation in which “we are accustomed to living, when we move, when we look for a new house,” injecting tension because, “in this ordinariness, something supernatural has seeped through,” he said.

“One of my principal references is ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ ” he added.

Husband-wife team Aragüés and Cabrera co-directed this film, having previously worked together on “Novatos,” a teen drama which hit Netflix in 2015 with Outsider Pictures handling prior sales and distribution.

Having worked with both Aragüés and Cabrera on “Novatos,” and with Aragüés on music documentary “Cuatro puntas: música desde abajo,” Hudson told Variety he was “delighted to be representing ‘Para Entrar a vivir’ ” after picking up international rights.

“Pablo and Marta are a true husband-and-wife filmmaking team,” he said. “It’s lovely to see the development of their careers.”

Outsider Pictures largely focuses on acquiring rights for independent film-makers to distribute across North America and/or international markets. It recently acquired Malaga-premiering neo-noir “Tiempos futuros” by Peruvian director V. Checa and holds the rights to Chile’s admired 2021 Oscar submission “White on White” by Théo Court.

The market for independent Spanish-language content in the Americas looks to grow rapidly in the coming years, as hits such as “Money Heist” and “Elite” have penetrated even English-speaking markets in the region via streaming services such as Netflix.