Netflix has given a green light to “Believer 2,” a sequel to the 2018 hit crime action film “Believer.”

While the first film clocked up 5.06 million spectators and amassed a gross box office of $33.6 million in its theatrical career, the sequel will play only online.

The company said that the film will be directed by Baek Jong-yeol, who previously directed “The Beauty Inside,” a 2015 hit fantasy romance in which a person takes on a different physical appearance every day. The choice of Baek is expected to give the new film a different esthetic compared with the original “Believer.”

The confirmed cast includes the return of lead performers Cho Jin-woong and Cha Seung-won, as well as actress Han Hyo-joo, Oh Seung-hoon, Kim Dong-young and Lee Joo-young.

The first film, written and directed by Lee Hae Young (“The Silenced”) saw a determined cop team up with a gang member in order to catch Mr. Lee, the evasive boss of Asia’s largest drugs cartel. The sequel sees the reteaming of the cop with gang members who are not quite what they seem, the introduction of Han Hyo-joo (“Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure”) as Big Sword, another shady character who has insights into Lee’s organization, and action on a larger scale. The set piece action scenes include a battle at Seoul’s Yongsan station.

Korean media reports add that production is scheduled to start shortly in Korea and abroad and that a spin-off series is under consideration.

Cha is currently in strong demand after the success of 2021 film “Sinkhole” and ongoing TV series hit “Our Blues.”