Comedy drama “The Shuroo Process” has been snapped up by 4 Digital Media.

Co-written by and starring Emrhys Cooper (“Dreamcatcher”), the film also represents Cooper’s directorial debut. He wrote it with Donal Brophy, who also co-stars. The duo also produced the feature.

Rainey Qualley, Fiona Dourif, Tommy Dorfman, Olivia Sui, Hakeem Kae-Kazim,Jeff Hephner and Cornelia Guest round out the cast.

“The Shuroo Process” tells the story of New York journalist Parker Schafer (Dourif) who finds herself infatuated with a charismatic guru played by Brophy afyer becoming dissatisfied with both the state of her love life and the publishing world. Schafer begins a journey of self-improvement but will she remember to “beware of false prophets?”

Zachary Quinto and Jamie Moss exec produce for Idyllwild Pictures in association with Incline Productions. Glen Trotiner, Lynn Mancinelli and Benjamin J. Murray also produce.

“In my extensive research and personal experiences with New Age trends, I recognized the need to highlight the inherent drama of these scenarios; both the humor of the sometimes outlandish nature of the options available as well as the possible dangers of these ‘quick fix’ weekend retreats,” said Cooper. “The struggles of each character in the film are challenges the audience will easily relate to because, essentially, my message is that change is possible. I believe the self-help industry is a microcosm of what is happening on the worldwide stage: the media is manipulated by the powerful, truth and fact are perpetually blurred, and people unquestioningly follow whatever trend, however ludicrous, is most pedaled on social media.”

“4Digital Media are excited to announce the release of ‘The Shuroo Retreat’ in the United Kingdom and bring the film to the filmmakers’ home country!” 4 Digital Media said in a statement. “With a great cast and a very modern story that mirrors some of the current discussion around self-care and mental health awareness, we’re sure this one will connect with audiences on many levels!”

The film will be released on demand on July 25.