Nikki Amuka-Bird (“The Outfit”) will play the lead in Will Gilbey’s “Jericho Ridge.”

BAFTA award-winner Gilbey (“A Lonely Place to Die”) also wrote the screenplay for the feature, which is billed as a survival thriller.

Amuka-Bird is joined by Michael Socha (“This is England”), Zack Morris (“The Fades”), Chris Reilly (“Wrath of Man”) Philipp Christopher (“Origin”), Solly McLeod (“Boxing Day”) and music artist Capital T. 

The film tells the story of North Washington county sheriff Tabby (Amuka-Bird), who finds herself alone in the sheriff’s office one night while her colleagues are out on patrol. But she soon finds out they’ve been set up by a murderous drug cartel while she herself comes under siege at the office, where she must battle desperately to save herself and her son.

“Jericho Ridge” is co-financed by Silver Lining Productions and DLNQNT, with DLNQNT’s Alex Tate (“Hope Gap”) and Harvey Ascott (“Shok”) producing alongside Besnik Krapi.

In Plain Sight Group’s Mark O’Sullivan (“Absent”) and Richard Caleel exec produce.

Ascott and Krapi previously collaborated on Oscar nominated short “Shok.”
Ruairi O’Brien (“Line of Duty”) has boarded as DP while Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale has produced an original title track for the film, “Mr Trigger Finger.”
The film commenced the nine-week shoot this week in Kosovo, which will sub for North Washington in the U.S.

“I’ve been inspired by genre filmmakers my whole life,” said Gilbey. “I feel it’s where the true innovation happens in movies. The script for ‘Jericho Ridge’ provides the opportunity to create something fresh and original. This will be a raw and fast paced story told over only a few hours. I love an audience that loves genre, so I’m making ‘Jericho Ridge’ for them.”
DLNQNT’s Alex Tate added: “Original choices define our films. Giving global audiences thrilling cinema is purely about challenging yourself and your team to make the bold decisions others won’t. ‘Extraction,’ ‘Three Billboards’ and ‘Blue Ruin’ are perfect examples of how universally appealing authentic genre movies can be.”
Amuka-Bird said: “I loved this character from the moment I read the script. Tabby is a powerful and uncompromisingly honest woman – above all she is a mother willing to do whatever it takes to protect her son. It’s an honour to play this challenging, complex lead role and I’m so excited to start shooting alongside such a talented team.”

Amuka-Bird is represented by Accelerate, Greene & Associates Talent Agency and Multitude Media. Socha is represented by The Artist Partnership and Link Entertainment.