John Larroquette Returns 48 Years After Original ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ to Narrate Netflix’s Sequel (EXCLUSIVE)

John Larroquette Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Larroquette: AP; Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Netflix

Netflix’s upcoming “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” the direct sequel to 1974’s “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” is paying service to fans of the original by bringing back John Larroquette to narrate the opening of the film. Larroquette’s legendary news brief at the start of the the 1974 film was meant to scare audiences by grounding the film in true crime. In reality, the plot was loosely by the crimes of murderer Ed Gein.

The horror classic was Larroquette’s first film appearance, before gaining fame in series such as “Night Court,” “The John Larroquette Show” and “Boston Legal.” Larroquette is set to resume his “Night Court” role of Dan Fielding in a series sequel currently in development at NBC. Larroquette also lent his voice to the 2003 reboot “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Variety spoke with “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” director David Blue Garcia about how critical it was to bring Larroquette back for the key role.

“It felt important to honor the original ‘TCM’ at every opportunity,” Garcia said, via email. “John’s voice is iconic in the original opening and we thought it would help set the perfect tone in our own intro. It’s also a subtle way of letting the fans know they’re in good hands.”

As for other nods to the 1974 film, die-hard fans will be in luck — especially when seeing one iconic piece of hardware.

“I can’t wait for fans to analyze and find all of the callbacks, some of which aren’t even intentional. I swear some stuff just happened and it’s kind of freaky,” Garcia said. “I will say that we shot with one of the original, working Poulan chainsaws from the original film. On set, every morning I would walk by the prop cart, touch it and get its blessing for the day. I wanted some of its ’70s magic.”

Watch Larroquette’s original opening narration from 1974’s “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” below:

The 2022 “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” will debut on Netflix on February 18.